Utilizing Cervical Mucus as a Natural Method of Contraception

During fertility, a woman's body gives several visible signals. One of the signals is visible in changes in cervical mucus. Changes in texture and color of cervical mucus can then be used as a source of information for natural contraceptive methods. Cervix or also often called the cervix is at the bottom of the uterus, has a cylindrical shape with a length of about 4 centimeters. The cervix has an important role to plan or avoid pregnancy, because this organ is a channel that produces cervical mucus that will help carry sperm into the egg. Changes in the texture of cervical mucus To check the texture of cervical mucus can be done by inserting a clean finger into the vagina to reach the cervix, or wipe the intimate area using toilet paper. In addition, cervical mucus may also be seen in the underwear that is used. To check the texture of mucus, spread between two fingers. In addition to texture, cervical mucus can also be recognized by its color. Before the fertile period
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